How did you get started?
DEC Headers was founded by Doug Crouse and started in his garage in 1989. The first headers were made for his sons. Local derbies saw the headers and the business took off.
Do you do Mandrel bends?
No. All of our bends are done on a standard exhaust shop compression machine.
Do you make headers that go under the vehicle?
Do you have a catalog?
Yes. You’re looking at it! We do have a 1 page flier we can send out.
Do you take payments?
We have an agreement with the banks – They won’t sell headers and we don’t extend credit.
How do they sound?
Taller pipes and bigger diameter pipes will give the engine a deeper tone. Uncollected pipes give a sharper, crisper sound.
What size pipe do I need?
For engines under 425Hp, we recommend 1 ½” pipe. This will provide more back pressure and better low-end torque for your engine. If you have a high Hp or high RPM engine, bigger pipe will let it breathe more.
Do these headers come with bolts and gaskets?
Can you ship to my house?
We can ship world wide.
How long does it take to get the headers?
In the heat of the derby season, it may take up to a week to make the headers and 1-5 days for shipping.
Can I buy just one side?
Yes, we sell one side at a time also. If you have Forward Off-Set headers, be sure to specify which side.
Do you sponsor individuals or teams?
We do not sponsor individuals or teams. It has caused problems in the past.
Do you make headers out of stainless steel?
No. We only use aluminized pipes and flat steel flanges.