2.8/3.1/3.4/3100/3400 GM 3X1


Price is for BOTH sides.  Headers are designed for front wheel drive cars.  If you need something different, call us.

Round ports fit cars 2.8L (’80-’89), 3.1L (’90-’93), 3.4L (’93-’95) & trucks 2.8L (’82-’93), 3.1L (’90-’95)

D ports fit 3100 (’93-’05) and 3400 (’96-’05)

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Made from 16 gauge aluminized exhaust pipe on 1/4″ thick plates.  Uses round ports or ‘D’ port. There is ~1.75″ between the exhaust port face and the vertical portion of the pipes.  The front header is designed to tuck under and inside the front motor mount.  Bolts and gaskets are NOT included

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